Team Information

Our Mentors

Keith Nelson – Polaris Industries – Supervisor PC and Device Support

Jeremy Markstrom – Polaris Industries – Design Engineer

Cory Huot - Polaris Industries - CAE Engineer

Carter Novacek – Team 2654 Mentor

Myrna Nelson – Citizens State Bank - Information Systems Officer

Ben Vatnsdal - Ag Country Farm Credit Services - Lender

Justus Buckta - Polaris Industries - Lead Apps Support

Joseph Roseen - Polaris Industries Tube Fabrication

Jackson Nelson - Curtiss-Wright/Sonic Systems

Chad Dale - Polaris Industries - Design Engineer

Dallin Hammond - Polaris Industries - CAD

Our Students

Ben Butler

Eric Wensloff

Ethan Watts

Finn Walsh

Grace Jauquet

Holly Trangsrud

Isak Anderson

Lani Harrison

Lillian Jauquet

Jack Orvis

Levi Dieter

Megan Skoglund

Ryan Wensloff

Samuel Gross

Seth Dahl

Steven Wright

Tate Dale

Titus Kvien

Van Munstenteiger

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